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Our services include:

  • Custom Trim and Moulding Installation and Repair
  • Exterior Trim Installation and Repair
  • Fine Woodworking
  • Epoxy Repairs In Rotted and Damaged Wood
  • Built-ins and Custom Shelving
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Custom Staircase Installations and Repairs
  • Custom Woodworking
  • Home Renovations
  • Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • Custom Laundry Rooms


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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use subcontractors?

   One main reason that I started my own company is so that I could control the quality of the work that was done on my job sites.  I try hard to offer my clients the absolute best job possible.  Too many times in the past when I worked for other companies as an employee, I didn't like the quality of the final product given in the end by them.  Because of this, I almost exclusively perform all of the work myself on all of my jobs to ensure top quality.  The few exceptions are when extensive plumbing or electrical work is needed and in these cases I have a number of companies that I have sifted through that provide top quality work and give tremendous value to each job that I do.  I will always tell you if I am going to sub any part of the job out and you can rest assured that the companies that I use are trustworthy and also stand behind their work completely.


Can you provide me with references I can trust?

   This is a very important question and one of the first that anybody who needs work done to their home should be asking potential contractors.  I can provide many references of people that I have done work for in the past and would be happy to have you contact them if you chose.  These are real people that I have done work for.  Please ask them anything and let my past clients speak to the quality of my work and value given.


What is the PA # that I see displayed on this site and your business cards and why should I make sure that anybody or any business that works on my home has one?

   In 2008, the Pennsylvania Legislator passed a new law called the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.  I would sum this up as better oversight of construction companies in PA and better protection from "fly-by night" or dishonest contractors.  However, this is not a complete review of the law and you should research it more for yourself to become totally familiar with it.  Basically it says that any body performing construction type work that does over $5,000.00 of work per year must register with the PA Office of Attorney General who is charged with overseeing this new law.  To register, each contractor must provide contact info so they can be gotten hold of if need be and also must provide proof of liability insurance.  Both of these things can be found through a search of any given contractor in the state on the Attorney General's website.  Basically, anybody who has this is a functioning business with insurance.  Therefore, it is very important that anybody who works on your home has this number.  However, it is still a very good idea to ask the contractor for numerous references and proof of liability insurance.

   I have been registered since the start of my business and would be happy to answer any other questions that you may have.

What if I know that I want some work done but aren't sure of how the details or design should look?

   I have found that most of my clients need help designing and visualizing what the final product will look like.  This is okay, we all have our own skills.  This just happens to be mine.  I will work with you from our very first meeting.  I promise to listen carefully to what you would like to do and then offer ideas and any concerns so that you can think of everything before the project is actually completed.  If needed, I also offer design and sketch services so that you can be sure of what you will be left with at the end.  Remember, I want you to be totally happy with your project.  Also, if you're ever unsure of anything, just ask!



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